A Journey of Healthy Living

I am a Penn employee and have worked for the School of Arts and Sciences for 10 years.  I started my healthy living lifestyle about two years ago and have lost a total of 80 pounds.  I started by simply walking to work.  Since then, I have been walking to and from work every day, total of about 3 miles per day.

Kim Peurifoy, Penn Employee

Kim Peurifoy, Penn Employee

About  a year and half ago, I started running on my free time, and can now run about 3 miles straight, still pushing for the 10k though!  As a reward, I completed a few 5k races.  I also slowly changed my eating habits.  I cut out of sugar and made more healthy food choices for my family and me.  Some of the habits I changed were eating out less for lunch and packing a healthy lunch daily.  I also became more conscious about making healthier choices, with the help of the nutritionist seen here on Penn’s campus.  In addition, I am an active participant in the Penn Walking Program as well as in the Penn Moves Study.  I am also a return participant in Penn’s Be In the Know Program.

I am often asked was it hard to lose the weight? How do you stay focused? My reply is that I am on personal journey path.  It’s something that I work towards every day.

Of course, I sometimes struggle with exercising and eating right, but I am committed to staying on the path.  I do not let one bad meal or a missed exercise day lead the course of my journey.  I shake it off and get back on track.  My reward is that I enjoy my increased energy level and I want to keep it!  I am proof that it can be done!
My advice is to make your “healthy living journey” fun!  We keep an accountability calendar in my office, so my staff and I record our daily personal and group workouts on the calendar.  This practice has helped us to remain consistent with moving, and it has helped us great deal. We even participated in the Penn Wellness walk together!

Written by: Kim Peurifoy, Penn employee, as a part of Healthy Penn – My Moves, My Waylogo


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