Introducing: 2014/15 CPHI Seminar Series “Conversations Around Cultures of Health”

 Conversations around  Cultures of Healthculture of health

The 2014/15 CPHI seminar series, is entitled “Conversations around Cultures of Health”. The series builds upon the vision of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation(RWJF)’s around the Culture of Health and coincides with the University of Pennsylvania’s annual theme for 2014/15 – The Year of Health.

What are Cultures of Health? When we think about a Culture of Health, we see one where:

  • Good health isn’t confined to certain zipcodes;
  • Everyone can access healthy food, opportunities for physical activity and quality health care;
  • Individuals can breathe cleaner air, free of second-hand smoke;
  • Employees work in safe environments with healthy incentives; and
  • Health professionals, students and leaders can work together to develop culturally relevant solutions that make the healthy choice the easy choice in places we live, learn, work, shop and play.

Through the series, we hope to build upon this by engaging national and local experts, students, staff, faculty, health professionals and community members in our conversations.

 The seminar series will begin by further defining cultures of health. We will first hear from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation about their new vision around building a culture of health, and understand various definitions and applications of health, drawing from anthropology and ethnographic research methods. Next, we will examine multi-sectorial and multi-cultural approaches to improving health outcomes. These will focus on solutions to health disparities including but not be limited to healthy lifestyle, access to health resources, addressing opioid use in urban communities, and hot spotting work in Philadelphia.

Throughout each series, we aim to bring in different perspectives to add to the conversation; we are interested in defining health for different populations; communicating health and health outcomes research effectively; and understanding how to use tools to build cultures of health.

Specific Questions include:

  • What does health mean for different populations? How does the definition of health influence policy and practice decisions?
  • How do we work across sectors to build a culture of health?
  • What sources of technology help capture and promote health?
  • How can individuals more easily access good health?
  • What are significant cultural considerations of achieving the best health outcomes?
  • How do we market “good” health in a world where “bad” health is continually in our face
  • How do we translate what we know about achieving positive health outcomes to the general public?
  • How do we continue to work to close the gap on health disparities by creating healthier environments?

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