Monthly Archives: January 2014

CPHI Fellows Update

Amy Bleakley, our Senior Fellow and faculty at the Annenberg School, is the lead author on a study looking at violence in R and PG-13-rated movies. According to the study, “there is essentially no difference between the most popular movies rated PG-13 for younger viewers and restricted, R-rated films in showing main characters engaged in both violence and alcohol use or violence and sexual behavior.” Read more.

Senior Fellow Susan Sorenson was part of a task force of psychologists and researchers commisioned by the American Psychological Association to study mass shootings in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. “The report points to behavioral threat assessment as the most effective prevention strategy currently available to prevent episodes of mass violence and calls for research-guided prevention efforts to reduce the introduction of firearms into family and community conflicts; policies that identify and provide adequate treatment for people in psychological distress; increased research funding; and better access to gun-related administrative data in order to identify potential prevention strategies,” according to Penn News. Read more.

As reported recently in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Senior Fellow Dennis Culhane of Social Policy & Practice is working with the Department of Veterans Affairs to help military veterans. Dr. Culhane helped launch The National Center on Homelessness Among Veterans and is a national expert on homelessness. Read more.