Practical tips for new students

One of our very helpful MPH students, Adina Lieberman, surveyed other current students and recent grads to come up with a list of practical tips for people who are new to the MPH program at Penn. These are things that our student body would have wanted to know about when they first started their MPH, such as:

The Biomedical Library Reference Librarians:  They are magicians.

  • Set up a meeting with a reference librarian. They’ll be able to show you searching techniques that are truly magical.
  • The reference librarians can show you some AMAZING things when it comes time to do a literature review. Even if you think you’re a pro, they can show you the easiest tools to research comprehensively (better than pubmed) and compile bibliographies.
  • Seriously, make friends with the librarians. They will be lifesavers for all aspects of your MPH journey and beyond!

Check out the full list here. Thanks, Adina!

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