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Public Health Certificate student publishes op-ed in the Inquirer

Sherri Shepherd of The View had this to say about her new cohost: “Jenny McCarthy is fearless. She’s amazing. She’ll cause some stuff, so I’m excited about her.” Starting this fall, McCarthy and all of her “stuff” will have a daily audience of more than three million Americans. And this should worry all who care about their health and the health of their children.

Writing in an op-ed for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Public Health Certificate student and Perelman School of Medicine vaccine researcher Seleeke Flingai discusses the implications of The View’s decision to hire Jenny McCarthy. Read more.


Penn tution benefits can help you get your MPH for less

tuition_052213If you work at Penn, getting your MPH may be more affordable than you think. Take, for example, recent MPH graduate Sharon McMullen, who was featured last month in Penn’s HR newsletter (sign-in required). Sharon, the director of campus health initiatives for Penn’s Student Health Service, used Penn’s tuition benefits for staff to help finance both her and her daughter’s education.

“My graduate studies were invaluable in helping me transition into my current role at the University. But I couldn’t have completed the program without Penn’s help. The tuition benefit brought the cost of my education to a much more manageable place,” McMullen said.

Eligible faculty and staff taking courses at Penn can use the tuition benefit to cover 100 percent of the tuition, general and technology fees for up to six course units per academic year.

Says McMullen, “Penn’s tuition benefit is priceless. If you work here, don’t leave it on the table. Use it.” Interested in applying the benefit towards your MPH? Learn more here.