Carolyn Cannuscio Discusses Photo-Elicitation Study with the CDC

CPHI Senior Fellow Carolyn Cannuscio participated in a twitter chat with the CDC today. They discussed a study in which 48 participants took photographs to document their concerns regarding Philadelphia’s food and tobacco environments.

The CDC asked about one of the study’s interesting findings:

  1. >@CarolynCannu, you found that participants proposed interventions for nutrition 4x’s more often than for tobacco. Why? #CDCpcd
  2. Of the 580 photos submitted, 459 were #nutrition related and there were a number of things we think contributed to this. #CDCpcd
  3. 1st, eating is universal and #smoking is not. Only 3 of the 28 adults interviewed were smokers, but #nutrition affects everyone. #CDCpcd
  4. There has been a lot of social action focused on food in Philly, with efforts of @thefoodtrust and other groups. We talk food here. #CDCpcd
  5. Also, #smoking has been increasingly stigmatized and that may have interfered w/candid conversations w/interviewers. #CDCpcd
  6. Read the full study here:

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